John Carter

Process Engineer - Special Advisor

Has over 35 years experience in the metals and mining industries. Mr. Carter specializes in the engineering design and manufacturing of mineral processing equipment for mining operations and operators such as Timcal Inc., currently the largest natural graphite mining company in North America. Recently Mr. Carter served as Vice President of Engineering at Saint Jean Carbon, and VP Operations at Canada Carbon both junior mining companies.
John has built over 200 mineral processing plants around the world, including 3 graphite processing plants.

John Gillett

H.B.Sc. Geology, M.C.S.E. – Information Manager

Mr. Gillett has been involved in DNI’s Alberta Projects since 2008, and previously during the 1990’s. From 2003 to 2008 Mr. Gillett worked on DNI’s Utah, Nevada, and Arizona Projects. The Kiewit Gold Project 0.5% royalty is one of the Utah Projects.